December 31, 2016


DOUX  Abie hairstyle [Brunettes] 

-tres blah- V Neck Sweater (LB Sept 2016) 
Addams // Mesh Shaki Short // Ocean 


December 30, 2016


Rezology Sleekly Framed 2 mesh hair [w/hud color]

..:: P.S Store ::.. DRESS PANDORA + HUD 20 COLORS

..:: P.S Store ::.. SANDAL LANA + HUD 25 COLORS

[CAROL G] Romantic Roses Black Exclusive @The Crossroads Event [Open = Jan 3rd]

Moccino Pose Pack Collection 'Isabela' #24
RAMA  #selfie RAMA Modern Garage

December 29, 2016


Rezology Sky 232 mesh hair [w/ hud color ]

:PC: Laura Bikini

REIGN.- Coven Phone Collection- Psychopath #22

BellePoses  Sexy Girls Selfie DROP 

{YD}Countdown Exclusive @SaNaRae 
{YD}Countdown - Balloons
{YD}Countdown - Balloons 1
{YD}Countdown - Champagne
{YD}Countdown - Countdown panel

December 28, 2016


Rezology Butterfly 137 mesh hair [w/ hud color]

[sYs] MORISSETTE dress (fitted & body mesh)  @BishBox December

:::KC::: Baby Boots

December 27, 2016


Rezology Butterfly 194 mesh hair [ w/hud color]

.Identity. Body Shop  Cold Minded @BishBox December


:PC: Xmas Heels W/Socks [Maitreya - Belleza - Slink -Tonic]

BellePoses  Joss [w/ 6 static poses]

December 26, 2016



Rezology Volpe mesh hair [w/ hud color]

:PC: Tay Knotted Dress 
:PC: Santa Claus Sneakers

LUXE. Adele Necklaces @BishBox December 

December 25, 2016


TRUTH HAIR Ginger   browns 

Addams  Melisa SweatShirt   LuxeBox November
Blueberry  Skirt <3 Luxe Box November  

#EMPIRE  Xylobium Luxe Box October

December 24, 2016


MINA  Kimmy  All colors  @BishBox  December

UC Sindy pearl fur top  Maitreya - Slink - Belleza @BishBox December
#16 Blueberry - Oakley Chain Panties  Maitreya Pixie

PHEDORA / Dahlia heels / 25 C. @BishBox

[Black Bantam] Snow White Winter Poodles @BishBox

RAMA  #selfie RAMA Museum Fair

December 23, 2016


TRUTH HAIR Foxy browns 

:PC: Nanci Lace Up Shirt
:PC: Nanci Laced Shorts

::ROC:: Combat Boots 

:::Poses :::
Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Isabela' #24 
RAMA  #selfie_RAMA Sclater Street

December 22, 2016


alterego I kacey  caramel [catwa] 
Rezology Canary mesh hair [w/ hud color]
[CAROL G]  Dragonfly White Tattoo SaNaRae

Elegance Boutique Lingerie  "Megan" @Cosmopolitan 

Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Isabela' #24 [w/ 6 poses static]
BellePoses  Megan [Right pose]

December 21, 2016



Atelier Pepe  Catwa Alice  Summer  Bish Box December

Doe: Its Cold Outside  BishBox Exclusive December

L&B Swear Dita Winter Cropped Jacket  BishBox December
Fawny  Katy.Pants  Maitreya BishBox

Essenz  Oregon (All colors) BishBox December

Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Aluna' #14




{YD} New Year Bears  Exclusive @Très Chic 
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy Celebrating
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy champagne
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy Clock cake
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy drunk
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy Happy 2017 RARE
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy Making a toast
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy's Countdown RARE
{YD} New Year Bears - Teddy's in cup

December 20, 2016


TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon variety 
*Queen oF Ink  Floral Moose Tattoo Exclusive @Designer Circle

.:AVALE:. Dress  C A N D I C E  Exclusive  @Tres Chic
#EMPIRE  Marjoram  *LL* anthracite  [Luck letter]

Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Carla' #23 [ w/ 6 poses static ] 
RAMA  #selfie_RAMA Modern Garage

December 18, 2016


Exile::Snow Fall: 15. Browns @The Arcade Gacha 

=Zenith=Winter sweater with bag (redwood) Maitreya  @Kustom9
=Zenith=Winter Leather Fur Boots (Black) -Maitreya @Kustom9 

[Cute Posing] The Walk

December 17, 2016


Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [included feet and hands]
CATWA HEAD Destiny [Basic Head]
Rezology Buttefly 193 mesh hair [w/ hud color]
*Queen oF Ink  Sweet moles Catwa The Chapter Four
*Queen oF Ink  Queen Eyes Gift The Chapter Four
[CAROL G] Fan Black Tattoo  WINTER TREND SL 2016

.:AVALE:. Dress SAMANTHA  Exclusive @Cosmpolitan 
Essenz  Orlando (Black) 

[Cute Posing] The Walk 1L [ Middle photo]
Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Detox' #18 [ Photo left and right ]
RAMA  #selfie_RAMA Southwark Area 

December 16, 2016


*ARGRACE* Winter Gift 2016 / Female

[CAROL G] Tattoo Payoja Red  Gift Group

!!URBAN CHIC!! Pasties [Maitreya - Belleza - Omega]
Bishes Inc. ~ Frilly Panties Xmas Ho Ho Ho

EMPORIUM  Xmas Heels/Socks @Winter Trend 2016

December 13, 2016


Rezology Sky 134 mesh hair [w/hud color]
[CAROL G] Charm Horse -  Black Tattoo Exclusive Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms
[Z O O M] Lissa Cat Glasses The Chapter Four
EMPORIUM  Fishnets Jeans [ App Omega] @AnyBody 
:PC: Xmas Heels [w/ hud changer color]
Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Carla' #23 [ w/ 6 poses static]
RAMA  #selfie_RAMA Bethnal Green Parking RARE

December 12, 2016


Rezology Butterfly 098 mesh hair [w/ hud color]

Elegance Boutique -Dress "Dolly" @ Cosmopolitan


Mowie. "Julia" Bag 

Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Carla' #23

December 10, 2016



CATWA HEAD Destiny [Basic Head] 
Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [ included feet and hands ]
*Queen oF Ink  Queen Eyes Gift The Chapter Four
*Queen oF Ink  Sweet freckles Catwa The Chapter Four
*Queen oF Ink  2Souls Tattoo @ Bodyfy Event
TRUTH HAIR Irenka VIP  December [Group Not Free - 350L ]


.:AVALE:. dress VICKY
[Sheba] Hannah Pumps (Tex Changer Hud *Slink High)


BellePoses  Kimi  Exclusive @2nd Level


[AK] Camille Mesh Head ( Bento) Vers. 1.5.1
Maitreya Mesh Body  Lara (included feet and hands)
Egozy Sveta (Fair) App Akeruka
Rezology Always mesh hair [w/ hud color]

:PC: Laura Bikini

December 6, 2016




Your Dreams  Little Bears Christmas Exclusive The Crossroads
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas - Gift Bear*
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas - Happy night Teddy*
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas - Hoho teddy bear*
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas - Mommy Noel RARE
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas - Reindeer Teddy Bear*
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas - Sweet teddy bear*
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas -Angelic  Teddy RARE
{ YD} Little Bears Christmas -Little drummer*

{YD] Family Snowman  Exclusive SaNaRae
{YD] Family Snowman -  Little Bear.
{YD] Family Snowman -  Smile.
{YD] Family Snowman - Cute.
{YD] Family Snowman - Melted RARE.
{YD] Family Snowman - Romantic.
{YD] Family Snowman - Silly.
{YD] Family Snowman - Skier RARE.
{YD] Family Snowman - The Police. 

December 4, 2016


Rezology Butterfly 084 mesh hair [ w/ hud color]
Tattoo Hands [CAROL G] Delt Black Tattoo Exclusive @Kink Event
Pseudo  Tied #501 Mid Wash 
=Zenith=Leather Skinny legging (Black)
Pseudo Vamp Necklace
VP Luciane Brown Platforms GIFT
Moccino Pose Pack Collection 'Elisa' #21

December 2, 2016


CATWA HEAD Destiny [Basic Head]
Maitreya  Mesh Body  Lara 
euphoric Fem Mesh Eyes [Group Gift OLD]
TRUTH HAIR Henya  variety

..:: P.S Store ::.. Outfit Brandy [ Top + Pants + Shoes / Hud Changer Texture]

[CAROL G] Delt  Black Tattoo Exclusive  @Kink Event

Moccino Pose Pack Collection 'Elisa' #21


November 28, 2016


CATWA HEAD Destiny [Basic Head] 
Egozy Alena (Fair) App Catwa
Rezology Bed Head mesh hair [w/hud color]
*Queen oF Ink  Illusions Tattoo
:PC: Marina Bustier
:PC: Marina Skirt 
N-core  GROUP GIFT "Calyssa" FatPack [GROUP 100L]
Moccino  Pose Pack Collection 'Morgana' #22 [w/ 6 poses static]


November 26, 2016


TRUTH HAIR Solace  light browns
[CAROL G] Poem Butterflies - Black [Group Gift]
::ROC:: Leather Skirt 
::ROC:: Lace Up High Boots 
WHOLE.WHEAT  Bus Stop Bench Photo Set BOX 


TRUTH HAIR Azalea  light browns
:PC: Ha-Na Straps Mini Dress
::HH:: Hucci Yalta Boot - Gift (Wear Me)
Moccino  Gift #04





{YD} Decorate your Christmas @Exclusive Lost & Found
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Candle Green 
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Candle red
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Chimney elf
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Chimney Santa Claus RARE
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Jingle Bells Tree
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Reindeer
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Snowman
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Wreath tree 



:::Your Dreams:::

{YD} Christmas at home @Tres Chic Event 
{YD} Christmas at home -  House RARE
 {YD} Christmas at home -  Mr  Snowman
{YD} Christmas at home -  Mrs  Snowman
{YD} Christmas at home -  Pine tree
{YD} Christmas at home -  Pine tree 1
{YD} Christmas at home -  Reindeer
{YD} Christmas at home -  Reindeer 1
{YD} Christmas at home - Christmas tree
{YD} Christmas at home - Letter Tree
{YD} Christmas at home - Sleigh RARE
{YD} Decorate your Christmas - Chimney Santa Claus RARE @Exclusive Lost & Found

November 24, 2016


Jourda  Maji Coat
REIGN. ANAIYA BOOTS (REIGN 3rd Anniversary Gift) 


November 23, 2016


Rezology Beach Bun mesh hair [w/ hud color]
[CAROL G]  Minimalist #03 - B - R - W  @Fusion 101
:::M.STORE::: Mini Top Suzi [SM]
:::M.STORE::: Laced Mini Shorts [SM][HUD DRIVEN TEXTURE]
..:: P.S Store ::.. SHOES ANGEL + HUD 25 MODELS
BellePoses - Hula Hoop  Exclusive   @Cosmopolitan


November 21, 2016


CATWA HEAD Skye [Static Head]
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
[monso] My Hair - Eunha /Brown
-Belleza- Skin  Rila catwa Applier

*Queen oF Ink Write me [Always&Forever] Maitreya [Gacha - 50L for play]

..:: P.S Store ::.. BODYSUIT NATASHA + HUD 25 COLORS [ w/Bodysuit  + boots / hud changer ]

:::M.STORE POSES::: Pose Dariza [Bench ]